To be in harmony with your own image and your body. To look at yourself in the mirror thinking "I’m feeling good".

How we


Authenticity and trust: that is what inspires the work as image consultant. During a first telephone call in we will get to know each other, and we will talk about your needs and expectations.


After that, we will draw up the personalized plan of consultation, listing the required services along with a detailed offer.


During individual meetings we will define the right style for you using the tools and theory of image consulting.


We work in cooperation with experts in nutrition and fitness. In this way, you will have the optional opportunity to support image consulting with a nutritional and training program for maximum results.


Colour is everything: it influences our image and our mood. For this reason, colour analysis is the first step of image consulting. With a series of calculations and tests we will identify the color palette that perfectly suits to you.

The use of friendly colours on you will create a harmonious image, it will illuminate your skin and enhance your face. You will be provided with a color palette to be carried with you and used as reference during your shopping of clothes, accessories, glasses, make up.



The body type analysis is the study of the physical characteristics of a person.

Through simple tools, we will evaluate the shape of your body and face, and we will find strategies to leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.

Knowing the characteristics of your body type allows to choose the right cuts, weights of fabrics and proportions of clothes and accessories to enhance the silhouette and minimize your complexes.


After analyzing the shape of your body and face, we will define together the style that best enhances your physical characteristics and at the same time communicates your personality.

Romantic, sporty, casual, chic, etc: which styling talks about you in a harmonious way and sets you in a comfort zone? We will answer to this question together.

At the end of this step, you will be provided with a personal book, in which you will find all the advice given during the consultation; it will help you to autonomously build your outfits according to that styling.


This step of image consulting teaches you to reinvent and adapt your existing wardrobe to create new outfits that enhance your image and style, also considering your social or private professional needs.

You will learn to sort and optimize your wardrobe and to organize ready-made outfits to save time. In the future purchase you will be able to maximize your clothing investment and support your goals and lifestyle.

The wardrobe edit takes place directly at your side. We will then draw up a check list of purchase that will round out your wardrobe.


It is much more than just make-up! First, we will elaborate on your current skin care habits, analyze your skin type and its specifications to recommend a routine skincare adapted to you.

Then, you will learn the basics of make-up theory and we will try out together a natural makeup and an evening makeup. Thanks to the suggested tips, you will have make-up within your reach, and you’ll have fun doing it.

Regarding the hairstyle, we will first consider your habits and the needs of your hair, to define a new hair routine.

Together with a trusted hairdresser we will define the best haircut for you, taking into account the nature of your hair, the colours analysis and what you want to communicate.



This service teaches you how to shop in an organized and functional way, in the light of the results of the previous steps of the consultation.

You will learn how to shop, what to shop for, where to shop, which brands to choose within your budget to create a distinct look that reflects your own style and compliments your body type.

We will define in advance your needs and budget, and then I will take you to one or more previously selected stores: an instructive and pleasant experience.

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